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Company Profile

Moonshot Aerospace is a small business in Madison, AL established as Emerson Oliver LLC in 2019 to provide technical expertise and support to New Space companies in today's rapidly changing Aerospace Industry with new emphasis on Public-Private partnerships.

Our Services

Moonshot Aerospace focusses on vehicle design and analysis and providing consulting and engineering support services in the areas of launch vehicle, spacecraft, lander GN&C, avionics, and flight software. Moonshot Aerospace additionally specializes in contact dynamics simulation, design, and analysis for critical mission phases including docking, separation, and landing.



CEO/GN&C Subject Matter expert

  • Expertise in all phases of GN&C design and team development including Flight Software integration
  • Navigation Team Lead, SLS Block 1 from concept to design verification and SLS Exploration Upper Stage through PDR.
  • GN&C Lead for a Strategic ICBM-Class Missile design, Strategic Interceptor, and a NASA Human Landing System Program
  • GN&C SME and Consultant for NASA CLPS Design
  • Proud recipient of NASA Silver Snoopy and NASA Engineering Achievement Medal



chief engineer/

Dynamics Subject Matter expert

  • Expertise includes dynamics, mechanisms, and multi-body M&S, and HWIL test development and execution
  • Supported every US developed docking system currently in service
  • Proud recipient of multiple NASA Spaceflight Awareness and Elite Team Awards

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Significant effort, significant achievement